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PSP3U : Plesichronous Services Platform

Passive shelf to hold various operational modules.




concentrate E1/T1 tributaries on operator side in order to dispatch them trough an Ethernet access ring and PSP equipments.
Main characteristics of this equipment is its ability to transport each E1/T1 tributary with its own clock trough a non synchronize network such as Ethernet network.


Each E1/T1 board can connect up to 4 remote sites simultaneously.
PSP rack can connect up to 24 remote sites..


Typical  application :
DATA and TDM sharing from POP to user


Technical specifications

mechanical :
19" rack, 3U high
capacity : max 6 modules 

powering module :
220VAC or  48VDC, 30W
option redundancy with 2nd module
alarm outlet

User modules

- PSPE1S : E1/T1 (G.703) interface, 2 options   

a)  point to multipoint, 4 x n x 64k
b)  multipoint to multipoint, 5 x 5 x 64k                   

- PSPX21 : X21 (X24/V11) interface

- PSPLL : analog 2 & 4 wires line interfaces

Ethernet browser cant be use to configure and monitor equipments (local & remotes) trough
one RJ 45 Ethernet port and "in band" management for remote
SNMP V1 is available with MIB 2 in order to be integrated in a global NMS.