Real Time Streams Over Ethernet    RTSoE 

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Engineering and R&D telecommunication's company 


QUADRILLIUM has been founded in 2000.
First financial year has been consisted in financing the company, this is what has been done by doing consultancies for carriers and telecom manufacturers.
Other financial years have been consisted in switching between consultancies and QUADRILLIUM product development.


QUADRILLIUM technologies has been founded in year 2000 with purpose to develop and sale equipments based on  Ethernet and QUADRILLIUM patent and designed for new metropolitan networks.


Products developed target  Ethernet MAN allowing to carry  high information's volumes at really competing costs compare to traditional networks.

Ethernet technology is optimized for data,  equipments allow to use it to transport such sensitive information's as voice, video and " time sensitive" data as well.

Markets targeted are  carriers for new services they can bring to users and private companies as well for the costs saving our products allow regarding leased lines.


The offer is at the moment unique. It stand up for Ethernet use in transporting any kind of streams  including "real time" and synchronized streams.

The difference regarding competition, comes from the use of Ethernet L2 to transport information's instead of using IP L3 protocol.

This difference allows us to reach our objectives to propose economical and easy to use customer premises equipments.