Real Time Streams Over Ethernet    RTSoE 

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Clas CEDERSTROM is active in telecommunications business since now more than 30 years. Before to take the helm of QUADRILLIUM, Clas, for 25 years, was an Ericsson executive in charge to develop activities around the world. He then founded TTI company specialized in microwave systems sold in 2000. At the start up of French carrier Telecom Developpement, his mission, as CTO, was to deploy an operational network starting from ground. The challenge has been successful. He then participates in companies start-up before to join QUADRILLIUM.

  Aldo ONGARELLO  - COO, co-founder

Aldo ONGARELLO is in telecommunications business since 25 years. Before QUADRILLIUM start up he was for 4 years Technical Manager and ATM marketing manager for Controlware. With Jean Marie VANDEPUTTE he was involve at the beginning of 90's in the PON and SDH field trials as deployment manager for CS Telecom near the French operator France Telecom. He started out in Alcatel company where he took in charge the first deployments of the new digital E10 switches before to be in charge of the trainings. He then, moves to the PABX subsidiary to develop the pre-sales activity for international division.

    Jean Marie VANDEPUTTE - CTO, co-founder

Jean-Marie VANDEPUTTE is in the telecommunications world since 20 years. Before founding QUADRILLIUM, he was marketing manager on local loop and VoIP products for the German company Controlware. At the beginning of the 90's, he was involve in the first experiments on PON and SDH equipments as R&D manager in the French company CS Telecom where he developed the firsts local loop equipments using the xDSL technology. He started out in Thomson company where he was in charge of developing specific radio boards and systems for the French army.