Real Time Streams Over Ethernet    RTSoE 

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General Purpose

A technological migration is currently ongoing on Metropolitan Networks. Traditional technologies are today competed by Ethernet technology, more precisely Gigabit-ETHERNET that represents today the best ratio  $$/Mbps.

Ethernet technology with Gigabit-Ethernet became more efficient and propose today many different interfaces to connect customers

Products developed by Quadrillium technologies integrate local loop products specificities (low cost, maintenance, reliability) to new Ethernet  networks in order to :

- allow operators to propose new services to their customers
- allow companies to take advantage of these networks

PSP products focus two network interfaces :

: E1 over IP (CES)
                                                 PSPX21   X21 (X24/V11)

: 19'' rack
plesiochronous concentrator

modulePSPE1.jpg (16977 octets) module PSPE1S      modulepspx21-2.jpg (5090 octets) module PSPX21M    modulepspLL.jpg (17812 octets) module PSPLL