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PSPX21 : X21 over IP/VLAN

       This module allows X21 leased line creation :

            - trough an Ethernet L3-IP networks.
            - trough an Ethernet L2-VLAN  networks

The choice between the 2 modes is made by a simple mouse click trough the browser.

In IP mode, PSPX21 manage L3 layer conform to IPV4
In VLAN mode, PSPX21 manage L2 layer conform to 802.1Q and 802.1P

Case application : X21 / IP satellite connection 

Benefits :    

PSPX21 allows to maintain operationnal X21 equipments without any re-configuration making easy migration to Ethernet technology deploy inside company or operators new services.

Technical specifications

Network Interface :

universal Ethernet    : 10 Base T, Half duplex
network protocol      : L3 IP, IPV4
                              : L2 VLAN, Tag 802.1P / 802.1Q
                              : Ethernet frame re-sequencing
                              : bandwidth optimization

Link Back-up : (click on image to zoom)

a/ In VPN-IP mode ...........
Using network protocols like OSPF or BGP

b/ In VPN-VLAN mode .......
Using Quadrillium back-up service based on link monitoring

X21 User Interface

ETCD mode  (transparent for C & I)
Rates : 19-2, 64, 128, 192, 256, 384, 512,768, 1024, 1536, 1920 kbit/s
Connection : sub-D 15 points F, ISO4903
circuits : G, T, C, R, I, S , (X option)

operation : comply ITU - X24
electrical : comply ITU - V11
Loops 2 & 3

Management :

PSPX21 equipments are managed by a web browser.
It is possible to manage the entire link (local and remote equipments).

Connection is made :

- local & remotely trough an "in-band" connection on Ethernet network link