Real Time Streams Over Ethernet    RTSoE 





Circuit Emulation Services on IP

Circuit Emulation technology has been developped to use new generation Ethernet networks, not thinked for that, to connect equipements (ex : pabx) that usually require specific traditionnal networks.

Comparison, here after, concern the connection between 2 sites using carrier leased lines for telephony and data needs :

1/ Traditionnal  for 2 sites : (assessment based on carrier public prices)

Hiring costs for 2 Mbit/s telephony (TDM) link, 1 km lenght           : 600-Euros /month
Hiring costs for 10Mbit/s Data (Ethernet/IP) link, 1 km lenght        : 760-Euros/month
Monthly costs : 1.360-Euros

2/ Circuit Emulation : (only one link to connect all your applications)

Hiring costs for 10Mbit/s Telephony & Data (Ethernet/IP) link, 1 km lenght        : 760Euros/month
Monthly cost : 760-Euros

Circuit Emulation on IP allows use of Ethernet link, essential today, to also connect telephony, audio, visio, in fact all systems.
Purchase is paid in less than  6 months.